Pole Barn Packages - Newell Wood Products - Pole Barn Packages and Trusses in Oklahoma

Pole Barns feature the following:

  • 29 Gauge Metal
  • Rat Guard
  • J-Trim
  • Fascia Trim
  • Over Head Door Trim (OHD)
  • Rake Trim
  • Corner Trim
  • Ridge Trim
  • Upper and Lower closures

The Barn above also features

  • 1 - 10x8 OHD opening
  • 1 - 3/0 door
  • 2x6 top and bottom trusses
  • 2x6 wall girts on 3'2" centers
  • 2x8 headers
  • 2x4 roof purlins
  • Double Bubble insulation also available!


Newell Wood Products uses Alpine Software to engineer your trusses!

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